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Marketing and Advertising are Forever Married Online

Marketing and advertising a business online go hand-in-hand. Understanding the two terms from an Internet perspective is very important for a company today. Learn how your business can take advantage of online advertising to quickly expand your market reach.

When it comes to marketing and advertising, I am not going to talk about all the technical issues showing the differences (which by the way, are very blurred today) between the terms “marketing” and “advertising.” However, it is strategically important to have an understanding that a business website can be used both as a marketing tool and also as an advertising media outlet for various business products or services provided both in the B2B and B2C worlds.

Typically, someone will search out and visit a website using the search engines. A Buyer, whether involved in B2B purchases or B2C commerce, might be looking for a Supplier of a particular product, service, or Manufacturing Fabricator to build whatever widget or OEM product the company is developing or manufacturing, which is required at the time. A website will be displayed in the search results pages for the keywords entered, and the searcher will click on it. Within the context of that particular page will be information related to the searched for keyword term or keywords phrases. This whole process is typically under the banner of marketing. However, in the search engine results pages, separate from the natural or organic search results, normally along the right side and top of the leading search engines’ results pages, are paid online advertising links. These ad links are known as pay-per-click, PPC advertising, or search engine marketing “SEM” campaigns.

In SEM PPC advertising campaigns, businesses bid on specific keywords and depending on a number of factors such as ad quality, top bid amount, landing page relativity (landing page quality), and website quality are some of the determining factors in the ranking or placement of the ad creative. An ad creative that has a higher quality score and/or top bid amounts based on the search engine company’s advertising algorithms, will automatically place the ad higher at the top of the search results page ads section.

There are other forms of web advertising, including free online advertising, which can and should also be included in the business website itself. Related links, information, other products, and additional services all can be advertised from within the website itself. Customers who are searching for one particular application, product, or service your company provides will likely be interested in other related products or services. By displaying some form of advertisements within the website, either in the form of text ads or graphic ads, can bring additional sales for your company.

Marketing and advertising definitely are like two sides of the same coin. Online marketing and Internet advertising will always be linked together.

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