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Internet marketing: One size does not fit all for online marketing services and the fees involved with business B2B or B2C.

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Before an Internet marketing firm provides a marketing quote, a thorough market evaluation should be performed. A number of items are involved in a quote. Some of the time and cost factors are: analysis of the current website, or building a new website, or reworking with a fresh face the current site, search engine positions for select keywords, competitive analysis, links and evaluating the quality of the links, future link building to your website, online advertising management and landing page design, blog building, branded design, professional blog management, and blog postings editing, copywriting and or content creation, photo considerations, email newsletter campaign management, and a number of other factors will all determine the price of services.
Additionally, the particular target markets and requested potential future target markets will have to be evaluated in order to determine a strategic marketing plan of action for the client’s website, online presence, and brand awareness. Suggest reading the following article: strategic marketing from an Internet perspective.

Each business and website situation has different considerations that must be addressed. Depending on what is involved in your particular situation, we would need to analyze your internet needs, then give you a detailed quote.

Marketing Fees

Below are a list of some of the factors involved with an Internet marketing quote. The list is not intended to be all encompassing, however, it is a general overview of the things that need to be considered. Some of the items listed may not be particular to your business, website, strategic business needs or requirements (which is the point in one size does not fit all).

  • Determination of the current online performance status of the website, online brand awareness, and business market reach.
  • Research involved in obtaining a true understanding of what the business target markets are, what it does, services, products provided, and evaluate who the B-to-B buyers or B-to-C consumers are to properly target the website keywords through “best practices” SEO ethical standards, and establish horizontal and vertical markets of impact.
  • If an eCommerce website structure is being implemented, then there will be additional product feeds, editing, product updating, and SEO services required.
  • Additional research time for analysis to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s competition, and develop a strategic online marketing plan.
  • Take into account whether the website is going to be a new design or existing website makeover depending on website framework, structure, menu system, and how well the overall Web design supports customer centricity.
  • Establish what the number of pages involved with the website are or will be, and determine if a content management system “CMS” is going to be required.
  • Considerations for management of e-mail accounts, business related newsletters, and social media marketing requirements.
  • Considerations for pay-per-click “PPC” search engine marketing “SEM” campaigns creations and management.
  • Ascertain the number of changes that would be required each month to the website in the form of updates, new article publishing, copywriting, editing, and creative ad writing.
  • Evaluation into the amount of time involved interfacing with employee personnel in your organization for sales and marketing strategies.
  • Evaluate the digital photography requirements that may be required for visuals and/or sales and marketing support.
  • Most web work can be done at our offices, though there may be instances of having to visit your company location for consultations, training, and strategic planning sessions.
  • If company onsite visits are required, time and expenses incurred will have to be a consideration.
  • If extended phone consulting is required for your own employee personnel to do the work, then time charges will apply.

Professional Web Services provides a no obligation consultation and site Internet marketing evaluation.

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