List of Search Engines Listed by Types of Searches

Get Your Business Discovered OnlineThis page posting has been updated with the addition of some of the newer search engines. The original search engine page was dealing mainly with B2B and B2C search. However, with today’s broad based Internet activity, and how it relates to various aspects of business usage, personal searches, and even internal intranet enterprise searches, we wanted to highlight some of the different search market segments.

This list of the various search engines, is posted here mainly for research and education purposes. We felt it is nice to be able to reference and have links to some of the different search engines all in one place. While the list below does not cover each and every search engine online, it does provide a broad list of most of the major search companies that are available. Also note that some of the search engine links have been redirected to other sites due to search buyouts, mergers, and acquisitions with other companies, along with changes with the search engines themselves (for example: search companies have changed brand names, different URLs, and links). You will also notice that some of the search websites go back a number of years. If you would like to read more about the details of any particular search engine, take a look at the Wikipedia Search Engines List article, and follow the links to each specific search engine for a descriptive overview. Some of the people search engines are very interesting at gathering information in one place. Find the person, distant relative, classmate, or friend from the past.

Note that each link opens into a new search window.

The best way to compare different search engine results, is to open search engines in multiple tabs in your web browser and quickly reference back to this page.

Major Search Engines

Search in Other Countries

Meta Search Engines

Specialty Search Engines

Business Search Engines

Legal Search Engines

News Search Engines

People Search Engines

Real Estate & Property Search

Multimedia Search

Shopping Search Engines

BitTorrent Search Engines

Job Search Engines

Enterprise Search Engines

Blog Search Engines

Medical and Health Search

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Graphics Software: Xara Designer Pro – Powerful Yet Easy to Use

When it comes to marketing and advertising websites online, and customizing the website designs, here are some pretty cool XARA software programs for handling graphics for all types of Web apps including sales, marketing, and advertising applications. The programs are very useful for adding some creative graphics for various online publishings, website designs, dropdown menus, company brochures, graphics flyers, newsletters, ad creatives, animated GIFs, Flash outputs (without having to know Flash), and export picture file types including: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, .HTML, BMP, PDF, SWF, and all the other file types that you can imagine.

I have been using a number of these products for years, including the Xara Designer Pro software, to quickly and easily customize graphics, images, and creatives for websites, ads, and some cool text designs. The software is extremely easy to use when compared to other graphics software programs such as Photoshop and others. In essence, you don’t have to be a graphic designer in order to use the software. It is very intuitive to use, with instruction videos to go along with the help files.

The Xara Designer Pro version has all the bells and whistles you can imagine. Designer Pro is for both the novice as well as the graphic designer expert to work with. In fact, it is quite fun to use, and will be amazed at what you can do with it. I really suggest taking a test drive today.

Try out the award-winning graphics software from Xara. Xara offers a graphics creation solution for all skill levels.
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Xara Designer Pro

Xara Designer Pro (formerly Xtreme Pro) is our top of the range product and includes all the features and templates of Web Designer and Photo & Graphic Designer. Plus it adds extra features that Pro designers need including support for PDF/X, PANTONE® and color separations, multi-core processor support for extra speed, enhanced import/export filters, a pro version of the photo panorama tool and more.

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Xara Menu Maker

A dedicated tool for creating top quality graphical NavBars with DHTML menus. Simply choose from the collection of professionally designed NavBars, then customize the wording and font, the color and size to exactly suit your site. Add rollovers and DHTML menus with easy one click actions – all the JavaScript and HTML is automatically created for you and optimized for export to the Web. Integrates directly with Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage.

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Xara ScreenMaker 3D

A 3D screensaver maker that’s fast, fun and easy to use. Create animated 3D text message screensavers with your own personalized message. Or put any images of your choice onto the sides of a 3D, tumbling cubes . It’s the perfect way to share messages or images with friends, family or colleagues – from family photo screensavers to business screensavers with corporate logos.

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What is SEO? How is Search Engine Optimization Performed?

Let’s take a look at what SEO is, and the finer points about the search engine optimization process in order to have a more complete understanding of how SEO is utilized for websites.
Search Engine Optimization
You just got to love some of those terms that actually make no sense what so ever. Take SEO and SEM for example. By now everyone has at least heard the terms search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM); but what do those terms really mean?

SEO and SEM are 99.9% pure search engine optimization English.

The English language is filled with funny keyword terms that seem to deify logic.

Take for example the person that is a school teacher. Everyone says “she’s a school teacher” but come on really, how many teachers teach a school? Now, since my wife is one of the profession of “teacher,” I have to admit that I have used the wrong term at least on several occasions; that is, until she gave me a school lecture. Oops, I did it again on “school lecture” …

As far as I am concerned, even the online dictionaries get some of the definitions wrong. Here was an online definition for schoolteacher. “One who teaches or instructs a school.” Yeah right. I can see my wife talking to the walls, instructing them to stand straight and tall. ;-) It seems as though many folks are guilty of using Internet search engine terms that are not very clear, or at least not very logical.

So, what really is SEO and SEM all about?

Google has a help area on their website for webmasters that talks about search engine optimization and a search engine optimizer. See: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The advice Google gives is excellent in regards to describing what a good search engine optimizer should be, along with advice on what to watch out for in the SEO industry.

Many SEOs and other agencies and consultants provide useful services for website owners, including:

* Review of your site content or structure
* Technical advice on website development: for example, hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript
* Content development
* Management of online business development campaigns
* Keyword research
* SEO training
* Expertise in specific markets and geographies.

While most people involved in SEO refer to the service provided as, search engine optimization, we really should call it Web Site Optimization or Web Page Optimization, or (WSO) and (WPO) respectively. The term search engine marketing, (SEM) typically refers to the pay-per-click type of marketing and advertising promotions, though some use the SEM acronym synonymously with the SEO term.

The heart of the matter of good website optimization is building a site foundation that is search engine friendly, with copywriting which includes industry specific keywords and keyword phrases for the business, and a website that is well written which speaks to your target markets. Many websites are simply way too heavy on the graphics used, and not built with nearly enough of useful written content.

As an owner, president, CEO, Sales and Marketing VP, or business person at your company, one should think of a website, not in terms of something that has to be there, but it should be thought of in terms of what it can do for the company’s brand in strategic ways of increasing online sales, making a significant Internet marketing branded impact with the website, as a strategic Web advertising tool for expanding market reach into both horizontal and vertical markets, as a tool for the sales and marketing staff to provide sales information, published brochures, and for email links to specific keyword targeted areas on the website, and as a customer service area for supporting frequently asked questions and/or other supporting documentation.

Internet Marketing StandoutBuilding a search engine friendly website requires more than just going in on a one time basis and optimizing the keywords for a particular business. This is only a small fraction of the work that is involved with the site. Addition items of importance are to continually seek out quality links (though if quality content is written, the quality links will come), do ongoing online market research, reading information pertaining to various market segments is certainly a requirement for developing quality content, copywriting, technical writing, and ongoing copy editing is also necessary in order to build a strong online foundation and brand image.

Today’s online market place requires SEOs to have intimate knowledge of an organization, strategic communications with executives, communication with sales and marketing personnel, and even coordination with IT departments. The SEO process also involves strategic marketing and advertising practices, good copywriting skills, and most importantly an SEO needs to have good business ethics.

Speaking of ethics, when it comes to your website, do be extra careful on who you hire to do your website optimization. Optimizing a website with hidden and underhanded tactics, can and has booted websites out of the search engine results all together. Imagine your business website not showing up online at all, not even when searching for your company’s name. Remember, the content of a B2B or B2C website (most business websites are in one of these two categories) is the intellectual property of the business owner, if you are the small business owner, or entrepreneur, or owned by the corporation in the case of larger companies. Would you let just anyone mess with your intellectual property?

Trust is the key for any type of outsourced services or even an in-house SEO arrangement for handling the online affairs of your business website. An honest, ethical, trustworthy, and professional SEO person and/or SEO company is a must when representing you and your company.

Contact Professional Web Services today for handling your Internet marketing affairs with a approach that we always place the customer first and will always treat your intellectual property with the proper respect it deserves.

SEO & Internet Marketing Services Company

Professional Web ServicesGood Internet marketing strategies and best practices website promotion have a number of important items to consider. Begin with good website development, with a good foundation, and implement ethical search engine optimization “SEO” procedures. Then it is wise to consider online advertising strategies and enhanced web branding solutions, which will bring your business more: visitors, buyers, consumers, engineers, online shoppers, and ultimately — paying customers through the website portal. This entire online marketing process will propel your website to making a bigger impact in the top three search engines: Google Search, Yahoo Search, and Microsoft Bing Search for relevant keywords and keyword phrases for your targeted market segments.

Good SEO practices and Internet marketing strategies will pay substantial dividends for your business down the line. In essence, what you do now with your website to improve the results, will reap sales and financial rewards in the future. A website can become the solid foundation that your company needs online. Don’t take SEO and Internet marketing lightly.

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Google Strengthens its Security Position

Google has been known for its attention to keeping their user’s information secure. Now Google has added a new security acquisition to their portfolio. Google purchased Postini for $625 million.

Postini, is a company that specializes in “protecting businesses worldwide from a wide range of email, instant messaging (IM) and web threats, and provides message archiving and encryption – all in one unified platform.”

Postini has a client base of over 35,000 companies, with the likes of Hormel Foods Corporation, Johnson Controls, Jenny Craig, inc., LSI Logic, Circuit City, and Merrill Lynch just to name a few of their clients.

With their software, businesses rout email and other forms of online communications through Postini data centers. This helps filter out the spam and malicious content before it ever gets to a customer’s network.

Google plans to make available the Postini products for use through the Google Apps. Enterprise customers will now have even more secure communications tools without the expense of having to support in-house solutions.

More Global Sales and/or Local Sales for Your Business

Strategic Global Marketing
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Google Goes Solar Green Big Time

Solar Panel Arrays Atop the Googleplex

Google Solar Project Courtesy Blue Oak Energy, Inc.

Google now has a solar system on it’s roof tops and carports that will pay for itself in as little as 7.5 years. With the price of energy in the stratosphere, it makes economical sense to invest in a solar system that can supply a large chuck of the power required to run a commercial business or a residential home. The energy savings will immediately be felt in a reduction from the largest tier based electric costs. By designing a system that produces the brunt of the electricity requirements, a residential homeowner or commercial business can reduce their dependence on the electrical grid.

Most new solar systems are designed with the capabilities of feeding directly into the electrical power grid when the sun is out, and the panels are producing electricity. Where as in the evening, the consumer or business draws off the grid, when demand is typically low. New meters are installed that will operate in both directions. When the solar system is generating more power than is being used at the immediate location at that time, the meter will in fact run backwards. Alternatively, when using more electricity than is being supplied by the photovoltaic solar systems, the meter will run in the forward direction.

Some businesses and homeowners have gone and installed more solar arrays above and beyond what makes the most economical sense. This, while helping to eliminate the dependence on the power grid, will substantially extend the payback period.

Check out some of the slide shows of the photo voltaic, PV systems designed and installed by Blue Oak Energy Inc.

Also check out a couple of videos below.
The first one is a time lapse construction of the solar carports.

The second one is a conceptualized version using Google Earth and Google SketchUp to view the different installations at the Google facilities.

Article by: Jim Warholic
Professional Web Services, Inc.

Dateline NBC Goes Hunting For ID Thieves

Dateline NBC aired a report on Tuesday, April 3, to catch an ID thief
This in-depth article goes into the details of how the Internet is used by thieves around the world. The crime is International in scope and is very difficult to track down the actual thieves. There are online chat rooms where stolen credit card information, bank account passwords, and personal information is sold for as little as $5.00 dollars apiece. Once the information is bought, the use of the information occurs in just a few minutes online.

Dateline did an investigation using bait cards provided by credit card companies and placing the card information for sale on underground chat rooms. The bait is taken in minutes. Then, the credit card monitoring firm shows actual charges with in minutes of the card information being sold. The thieves start out by seeing if the card will go through for a small charge donation at a charity. Once this is accomplished, then just a few minutes later the card is used at various places around the country with the $1000.00 limit maxed out in no time. Other cards were also used and maxed out around the globe in minutes and seconds.

This form of ID theft is estimated to cost the US economy to the tune of $5 billion dollars a year.

The surprising aspect of this crime is that it is being orchestrated by individuals or groups from outside the United States. This makes it extremely difficult to prosecute, let alone track down the thieves.

The thieves prey on single moms and people looking for love in all the wrong places. Many of the men and women become unsuspecting accomplices and are thinking that they are helping their future spouse set up a business in another country. These men and women seem to have fallen for the love connection. They collect the products that are shipped to them, and then re-ship the products to other countries including: Africa, Australia, and others. With the promise of love, these men and women are many times using their own money to ship the products out of the United States. The reason for the middle man operation is because many of the companies refuse to ship their products overseas.

Dateline was able to track down some of the places being shipped to in Africa. However, this did little in the way of being able to stop the thievery. Once the final destination drop spots were discovered, the authorities did nothing to shut down or prosecute the perpetrators. Many times the perpetrators would use an Internet Cafe in a downtown Africa nation and simply do their buying, selling, and communications online with their middle men right there.

So, what’s the answer for this global crime? Many countries don’t have any laws on the books to stop it, and the thieves know it. The International criminals take the attitude of so what if they are stealing, they know nothing will happen to them. The world lives in an ethical vacuum today.

Gain more customers today, with services that will get your business and website discovered online.

IT Professionals Play Key Security Role

Information technology professionals provide a key role in eBusiness

Ethical and security concerns arise that need to be handled immediately instead of pushing it off to human resources department.

An area related to eBusiness ethics is the handling of information that IT comes in contact with on a regular basis. Issues arise quickly with-in an organization where the appropriate action needs to occur immediately when it comes to ethics or security of data related to privacy. Employees
do not have the luxury of waiting to speak with Human Resources. See story
A Question Of Ethics, Information Week, 2/19/01

Information technology folks are at the very core of the data that is key to our lives, and as such it is extremely important that management realize this fact, and have an ethics policy which includes more than a one hour training session. Ethics needs to be at the core of the company; a way of life.

In addition, it is a good idea to have a “checks and balances” system in place for all aspects of the business. There have been instances in which employees have had access to private information collection in which the data was sold in the market place. See stories on

Companies need to incorporate tighter controls with-in their own organization. For instance, with USB memory sticks and flash drives available to anyone, an unethical employee could copy the information on a memory stick, CD, or DVD and walk right out the door with out anyone knowing. Or, they could send an E-mail outside the organization, with a list of names or private and confidential information. Imagine all the mortgage, banking, and broker companies that have key data on individuals such as: social security numbers, names and addresses, drivers license numbers, credit card numbers, and bank accounts. Think how easily information could fall into the wrong hands.

Is it any wonder we have heard of US institutions that use other countries for customer service issues, and then find out later that there was a security breach with hundreds of thousands of personal data being sold for identity theft and credit card theft.

So, no matter what the size of your company, implement a standard of ethics that is more than one hour long. Make it a way of life!

Professional Web Services

Gmail Cell Phone And Pager Notification

Check out the cool features in Gmail.

Are you expecting an important email from someone? Would you like to get immediate notification of an email even when you are not at your computer?

Well, with Gmail you can get an alert sent to your pager or cell phone free of charge, even if you don’t have a text pager.

Believe it or not, your pager and cell phone have their own email addresses. That’s right, most pagers and phones have a unique email address specific to the phone number and the hosting provider. What that means is that you or anyone can trigger a page or a cell phone text message from any email system in the world.

So, back to the Gmail solution for notification. You can set all your emails to notify you when any email arrives or create a filter for specific emails from specific individuals, subjects, having certain words, or not having certain words in the text, to automatically forward the message onto the email of the pager or cell phone. If you only have a number pager (as opposed to text pager), the text will not come through, but you will know it is a page from your email system. There will be some sort of code specific to the email displayed on the pager itself. If you have a cell phone, most cell phones provide at least a truncated messaging receiving system. You will most likely be able to read the subject line and maybe a little of the body text.

With this in mind, you can really keep tabs on your business when away from the office. Also, many voice mail systems are now being set up to provide not only voice mail over the phone but also provide access via the Web. By sending your messages to a specific or dedicated free email box you can save your voice mail messages forever as MP3 files plus get free notification of new voice mail messages.

SMS Cell Phone And Pager Email List

3 River Wireless

ACS Wireless

Advantage Communications

Airtouch Pagers

Airtouch Pagers

Airtouch Pagers

Airtouch Pagers



Alltel PCS

Ameritech Paging

Ameritech Paging

Ameritech Clearpath

Andhra Pradesh Airtel

Arch Pagers (PageNet)

Arch Pagers (PageNet)

Arch Pagers (PageNet)


AT&T; Pocketnet PCS


BeeLine GSM

Bell Atlantic

Bell Canada

Bell Canada

Bell Mobility (Canada)

Bell Mobility

Bell South (Blackberry)

Bell South

Bell South

Bell South

Bell South

Bell South Mobility

Blue Sky Frog

Bluegrass Cellular


BPL mobile

Cable & wireless, Panama

Carolina Mobile Communications

Cellular One East Coast

Cellular One South West

Cellular One PCS

Cellular One

Cellular One

Cellular One

Cellular One

Cellular One

Cellular One

Cellular One West

Cellular South

Central Vermont Communications


Chennai RPG Cellular

Chennai Skycell / Airtel

Cincinnati Bell


Cingular Wireless

Cingular Wireless

Cingular Wireless



Communication Specialists

Communication Specialist Companies


Cook Paging

Corr Wireless Communications

Delhi Aritel

Delhi Hutch

Digi-Page / Page Kansas

Dobson Cellular Systems

Dobson-Alex Wireless / Dobson-Cellular One

DT T-Mobile

Dutchtone / Orange-NL

Edge Wireless




Galaxy Corporation

GCS Paging

Goa BPLMobil

Golden Telecom

GrayLink / Porta-Phone




Gujarat Celforce

Houston Cellular

Idea Cellular

Infopage Systems

Inland Cellular Telephone

The Indiana Paging Co

JSM Tele-Page

Kerala Escotel

Kolkata Airtel


Lauttamus Communication


Maharashtra BPL Mobile

Maharashtra Idea Cellular

Manitoba Telecom Systems

MCI Phone





Metrocall 2-way

Metro PCS

Metro PCS


Midwest Wireless


Mobilecom PA




Mobility Bermuda

Mobistar Belgium

Mobitel Tanzania

Mobtel Srbija

Morris Wireless



Mumbai BPL Mobile

Mumbai Orange






NPI Wireless



O2 (M-mail)



One Connect Austria


Optus Mobile


Orange Mumbai

Orange – NL / Dutchtone


P&T; Luxembourg

Pacific Bell


PageMart Advanced /2way

PageMart Canada

PageNet Canada

PageOne NorthWest


Personal Communication (number in subject line)

Pioneer / Enid Cellular


Pondicherry BPL Mobile


Price Communications




Public Service Cellular



RAM Page

Rogers AT&T; Wireless

Rogers Canada


Satelindo GSM


SBC Ameritech Paging


SFR France

Skytel Pagers

Skytel Pagers

Simple Freedom

Smart Telecom

Southern LINC

Southwestern Bell


Sprint PCS

ST Paging



Sunrise Mobile

Sunrise Mobile

Surewest Communicaitons




T-Mobile Austria

T-Mobile Germany

T-Mobile UK

Tamil Nadu BPL Mobile

Tele2 Latvia

Telefonica Movistar



Telia Denmark




TSR Wireless

TSR Wireless




US Cellular

US Cellular

US West

Uttar Pradesh Escotel

Verizon Pagers

Verizon PCS

Verizon PCS


Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile

Vodafone Italy

Vodafone Japan

Vodafone Japan

Vodafone Japan

Vodafone Spain

Vodafone UK

VoiceStream / T-Mobile

WebLink Wiereless

WebLink Wiereless

West Central Wireless

Western Wireless

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