Car Of The Future

Is This The Future of Transportation?

Watch the entire video to see the GM Highwire Car of the future. The power plant is a hydrogen fuel cell with no batteries. The built-in hydrogen power station is said to be so powerful that a house or even half the block could be powered by it. They expect to have these cars available in ten to twenty years. The source for the hydrogen is said to be sea salt water. Just drive down to your local salt water station and Fill ‘Er Up.

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One thought on “Car Of The Future

  • July 5, 2007 at 9:18 am

    You can’t fuel a car with “sea salt water”. You can, of course, use purified water as an energy storage medium by electrolyzing the hydrogen out of it, then burning the hydrogen to recombine it with oxygen and create water vapor. This process generally uses NON-RENEWABLE RESOURCES (such as electricity from coal or natural gas fired plants) and is a net ENERGY LOSS – such a car is LESS EFFICIENT than a gasoline car by quite a bit, although significantly less polluting in theory.

    Over at Toyota, makers of the most successful hybrid car on the market, they call this a “fool cell”.

    A fool cell is just a fancy battery. It’s not an engine, or a power generator. It STORES energy.

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